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Hemingway “Brick Walls”

This page has some open questions or "brick walls" to do with Hemingway lines.  If you have an opinion or the answer, please send an email to either the mailing list Hemingway-UK or to me personally at  If you are not yet a member of the Hemingway-UK mailing list and would like to be a subscriber (free) click here to join and then send your message.

If you have an item that you would like to see added, just put it together in an email and send it to me at

Page last updated 11 Aug 2013


What happened to Joseph Fergus O'Conner Hemingway?

Linda has submitted another one of her problem areas :

Joseph Fergus O'Conner Hemingway c 31 July 1842 Dewsbury, son of Michael Hemingway and Mary Howroyd was living with his parents on the 1851 and 1861 Dewsbury Census.  I then found him on the 1871 All Saints, Northumberland Census.  Joseph was living with his "wife" Margaret at what looks like 13 Carliol Sq in the Borough of Newcastle upon Tyne, in the Ward of East All Saints.  Joseph's occupation is stated as a stonemason.  This fits as the family were Stonemasons.  I have hunted marriage records but still can't find his marriage to Margaret.  I have also searched all Census from 1881 with no luck in finding him or his "wife" Margaret.


Who are the parents of Daniel Hemingway who married Hannah Holt?

I am aware that some researchers believe that Daniel was the son of Michael Hemingway & Hannah Walshall and others believe that he was the son of Samuel Hemingway & Nancy Sheard - but who is correct?

The Daniel in question married Hannah Holt 18 Feb 1822 at Birstall St Peter and had eight or nine children between 1822 and 1840. I see in the 1841 census that someone called Nancy (transcribed by Ancestry as Mancy) Hemingway aged 70 was living with them. This has so far not helped me work out the correct family.  Hopefully it is simple and staring me in the face.  This is not my line, but just something I am trying to tidy up.  If you have the answer or an opinion, please send an email to either the mailing list Hemingway-UK or to me personally at


What happened to John Hemingway b 1826 to Thomas Hemingway and Mary Hemingway (Stansfield)?

Linda Wyatt has asked what became of John Hemingway who was born in Dewsbury in 1826, son of Thomas Hemingway and Mary Hemingway (Stansfield).  He is identified on the 1841 and 1851 census but so far not on the 1861 census.  Did he die or emigrate (or have we just not yet found him)?  We've identified a potential John Hemingway death and the informant was a Thomas Hemingway (who might be his father, or at a push his sixteen year old brother).
Do you know what might have become of John Hemingway? Is this the death certificate of "our" John Hemingway?

Linda has advised that Thomas (the father) died in May 1855 and therefore couldn't have been the informant if this is the correct death certificate for the John in question.  Like me, she has doubts that the informant would be the youngest sibling of John who as stated above would be sixteen at the time.  Does this mean that we should discount this death certificate as reasonable evidence that John died in 1858?  I think that this is probably the case but we must also bear in mind that Thomas (the brother aged sixteen at the time) was probably the only living male in the family household at the time of the death and so may have been the informant.  We think that the original family consisted of parents Thomas and Mary, John Hemingway (the person in question 1826 - ?), George Stansfield Hemingway (1830 - bef 1851), James Hemingway (1832 - ?), Ann Hemingway (1834 - ?), Elizabeth Hemingway (1839 - ?) and Thomas Hemingway (1842 - 1909).  At the time of the death according to the death certificate above if this is the correct one, the father, Thomas Hemingway had died, the second son George Stansfield Hemingway had already died, third son James had married Mary Dove almost four years earlier and by this time was probably living separately, only leaving fourth son Thomas and his two sisters at home with Mary Hemingway (Stansfield the mother).  Alternatively of course, the Thomas informant might have been another close relative. Not completely written off yet?