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Derivation of Hemingway Name

Dictionary of Surnames, Hanks & Hodges, Oxford, 1998

HEMINGWAY English (West Yorks) : apparently a habitation name from an unidentified minor place in West Yorkshire, probably in the parish of Halifax to judge by the distribution of early occurrences of the surname. The placename is from the personal name Hemming + ME wey way, path (OE weg). Var HEMMINGWAY

HEMMING English (chiefly West Midlands), Danish / Norwegian and Swedish : from the ON personal name Heming r, originally a pat r from a short form of any of the various cpd personal names with a first element heim home.

A Dictionary of English Surnames, Reaney & Wilson, Routledge, Third Edition 1991

HEMINGWAY, HEMMINGWAY - John de Hemyngway, William Hemyngway 1379 PTY; Richard de Hemmyngway 1309 Wakefield; Robert Hemyngwaye 1561 Pat (Y). "Dweller by Hemming's path", from an unidentified minor place, probably in West Yorkshire

HEMMING, HEMMINGS - Hemmingus 1066 ICC; Hemming de Welga 1166 P (Ess); Walter, William Hemming 1170 P (So), 1221 AssWo. ON Hem(m)ingr ODa Hem(m)ing.

A Dictionary of English & Welsh Surnames with special American Instances, Charles Wareing Bardsley MA, Genealogical Publishing Company 1969

HEMINGWAY, HEMMINGWAY, HEMMAWAY, HEMINWAY - Local, "of Hemingway," ie the road that led to Hemming's house; v. Hemming (cf Hemingfield, a village near Wombwell, Yorkshire). Representatives of this name will be met with in nearly every town and village in the West Riding of Yorkshire. I have not discovered the precise spot. Two of the individuals referred to infra lived in Southowram. Thomas Emyngway, 1379 PT Yorks p192. Willelmus Hemyngway, 1379: ibid. p187. Johannes Hemyngway, 1379: ibid. 1790 Married - Henry Fletcher and Elinor Hemingway: St George Hanover Square ii 39. 1800 - Thomas Heminway and Eliz. Ashley: ibid. p213. West Riding Dir., 10, 3, 0, 0; MDB (Co Cambridge, 0, 0, 1, 0; New York, 3, 1, 0, 3.

HEMMING, HEMMINGS - Bapt. "the son of hemming." "Hemming, a Danish personal name" (Lower). The Hundred Rolls prove the name to have become well established in the 13th Century; cf the local Hemingborough in the dioc. of York, Hemingby (Lincoln), Hemingford Grey (Ely), Heminghall (Norwich), Hemingston (ibid), Hemington Exeter, Bath & Wells), Peterborough): v. Henning. Henry Hemmeng, co Suff, 1273. A. John Hemming co Oxford ibid. John Hemmyng co Kent, ibid. Robertus Hemmyng 1379, PT Yorks p41. 1574 Buried Jane dau Thomas Hemynges: St Dionis Blackchurch, p193. 1579-80 Married - Thomas Prestone and Elizabeth Hemmyng : ibid p9. London, 15, 7; Philadelphia, 12, 1.

English Surname Series, Vol. 1 : West Riding of Yorkshire

HEMINGWAY - The origin is clearly local and probably a lost place in Halifax Parish eg. 1307 Richard De Hemnygway (Hipperholme) Court Rolls of Wakefield, 1379 John de Hemyngway (Poll Tax Returns West Riding of Yorkshire 1379 YAS). Later association with "wray" eg. 1581 Robert Hemingwray (Keighley Parish Register) lead to variant spellings which have been used to explain the origin.

Surnames and Genealogy : A New Approach, George Redmonds, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1997

HEMINGWAY - It derives from a minor locality in either Hipperholme or Southowram, which cannot now be identified. It became very numerous in the Calder Valley between Brighouse and Dewsbury. 1309 Richard de Hemyngway, Hipperholme (YAS36, 1379, William Hemyngway, Southowram (PTY), 1474, John Hemmyngway, Southowram (YAS39), 1545, Richard Hemyngwey, Northowram (Th11)

Yorkshire Surname Series : Bradford and District, George Redmonds, 1990

HEMINGWAY - From a minor locality in either Hipperholme or Southowram which cannot now be identified. The Scandinavian personal name Hemingr was still in use c1300 and the meaning of the place-name was probably Hemingr’s way. The surname is evidenced from the 14th century, ramified initially in Southowram and soon spread to Birstall and Dewsbury.

1641 Robert Hemingway (Bradford) The Protestation Returns (1641) held in the House of Lords Record Office