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Hemingway One-Name Study DNA Project

We now have a DNA based project to help us get a better understanding of the Hemingways and their origins.  The project is analysing the Y-chromosome DNA that is passed unaltered from father to son down the generations and the theory has it that all males sharing a common ancestor along the male lines should have the same DNA on the markers that are tested in this project.

The Hemingway DNA Genealogical Project has been established :

1.  To determine the origin of the Hemingway and variant families (trying to establish a common ancestor or ancestors);

2.  To determine the variant names and those which should not be considered variant names.   Variants might currently include Hemmingway, Hemingsley, Hemington, Hemingbrough, Hemenway etc, but should Hemming be considered a variant for example?;

3.  To determine if Ralph Hemenway of Roxbury Mass, is of the Yorkshire Hemingway family as claimed by many researchers, thereby helping to establish where to devote more time looking for the vital paper genealogical records.

The project is aimed to work in conjunction with the conventional genealogical paper record research routes to establish family groupings and cannot replace, rather support this approach.  The project is to test male Hemingways looking at their Y-chromosome markers to establish common ancestry amongst the participants.

This project was being managed through DNA Heritage.  Sadly they were bought out in 2009 by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and that new company does not test the same markers in its 39 marker test as those undertaken by DNA Heritage.  So to overcome this issue, I have personally been tested by FTDNA so that I can use my results to "translate" the results obtained from different test houses.  Any new Hemingways (including Hemenways, Hemmingways etc) should please purchase as a minimum the FTDNA Y37 test detailed here (or order the Y67 or the even greater definition Y111, but NOT the Family Finder Test) if you would like greater definition).  Cost for the Y-DNA 37 test is approx £90 (90GBP) or US$149 at March 2014.  Do please note that these are discounted prices available to us because you would be a Hemingway DNA Project Group member and we also have significant discount through the Guild of One Name Studies.  Please ensure that you sign up via me to secure the discount.  (Prices are approximate because of currency fluctuations).

For more information please see my open letter here.

To see the findings of the Hemingway DNA Genealogical Project, (updated 16 Oct 2014) follow this link.  Please note that the file is a PDF file and in the order of 200Kb.